It is easy to grow Avocados in Melbourne

I have these varieties growing and fruiting in Olinda with a yearly snow. You need to look after them for the first year or two but then they are trouble free if well mulched (and planted on a mound) if you have clay soils, they are pest free and don’t need pruning. They are partially self fertile but will give large yields if a flower type A & B are planted.

Fruiting times shown are a maximum, I have read of trees fruiting in as little as 2-3 years in Melb but I live in a colder microclimate, even then the Furte had  flowers within 4 years here.




A vigorous upright growing tree with  thick green skin & round fruit it is easy to scoop out.

Maturing November – March, and weighs approximately ½ kg. The tree has a 4m spread, 2m height

Flower type “A”   Should Fruit in 3 years



Is a large upright spreading tree tolerant of wind and cold, with a thick pebbly, purple coloured skin, fruit is oval shaped. The fruit texture is of excellent quality with an approximate weight of .28kg. It matures September – January when the skin turns purple-black.

It is used to pollinate Fuerte and Sharwill. The tree has a 9m spread, 10m height

Flower type A  Should Fruit in 6 years



Is a tree of low spreading habit. Its fruit has smooth glossy green skin, and is pear shaped with a narrow neck. It matures July – September and weighs approximately 1/3kg. It is used to pollinate Fuerte. The tree has a 4m spread, 3m height this one should fruit in a tub.

Flower type “A”  



A vigorous upright grower with smooth green oval shaped fruit, weighing approximately 1/3 kg the fruit matures June – Mid July, and falls from the tree when ripe. This is a relatively frost tolerant variety. The tree has a 4m spread and 9 m high in warm climates but is a much smaller tree in our climate only 4m high.

Flower type “B” Should Fruit in 4years



Is a tree of spreading growth habit, with smooth green pear shaped fruit of magnificent quality. Fruit weight is approximately 1/3kg and matures June – October. It is the most widely planted of all varieties and is relatively frost tolerant. The tree has a 12m spread, 8m height and a

Flower type of B.     6 years to fruit



Is a tree with vigorous upright habit much like Hass. The fruit is green skinned and pear shaped, ripening August – November and weighing approximately .34kg. The fruit texture is of excellent quality. The tree has a 8m spread, 10m height

Flower type “B”.  

I am also growing Sheppard, Ryan & Wurtz. These last two are for sale

With a few more varieties on my 2009 shopping list.

With the changes in the weather in Melbourne it may well mean many more varieties are worth trying down here now.     

 Try-- Ryan, Hazzard, Wurtz,  

Zutanno also does well here now (type B)